Become a Yegii Expert

A team of experts collaborating on a project

Yegii is an insight network. We supply crowdsourced, peer reviewed insight on emerging technology, policy and business models.

Do you know something others don’t?

Competitions, Q&A, consulting gigs, etc. Yegii’s client business challenges: $1000-100,000, simple answers: $199 and up.
Mentorship, regular seminars, consulting slide deck templates, research guides, analysis framework toolkits. Yegii Experts have access to all the resources you need to compete and collaborate as a knowledge worker, freelancer, or expert. Yegii's Management and Advisory Panel will review and give feedback on all the work you do.
Knowledge assets, Expert ranking, Peer review. High performance community. Yegii’s current target industry verticals include: Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Tech. Get quickly up to speed in a new field or claim rank.

Qualifying Yegii Experts have access to:

  • Ranked knowledge assets in your field.
  • Mentorship by world leading management practitioners.
  • Annual Seminars to share and learn with other Top Ranked Experts.
  • Yegii’s standardized slide deck templates.
  • Yegii ‘s Research Guide and various Conceptual Framework Toolkits.

Register as an Expert

*You are qualified to join Yegii as an expert if you have:

  • 10+ years’ experience in a target industry vertical (currently: Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Tech).
  • You are an entrepreneur, co-founder or C-level executive of a registered company with at least 5 employees.
  • You are a PhD student or have a PhD relevant to a specific industry domain.
  • You have none of the above, but you are minimum 18 years of age and identify as a knowledge worker. You are exceptionally motivated (please write us a brief essay on why you should join—see the bottom of the expert field you will fill out).